There are different types of ceramic balls that vary in shape and composition. And they can be divided into two categories:
1- Natural bullets
2- Artificial bullets (manufactured)

Natural pellets are more commonly known as cyclic, flint or river pellets, which are not widely used in the ceramic industry due to their high wear rate, pollution and very low efficiency. Artificial and manufactured bullets have extremely high advantages over natural bullets due to their regular geometric shapes (spherical, cylindrical and oval) and homogeneous and fixed compounds. Acetate is a body of magnesium silicate obtained from porcelain clay, talc powder and other chemical compounds. This material has received special attention due to its physical properties such as density as well as wear resistance and high hardness.

92% alumina bullet

Application of 92% alumina ceramic balls in the mill of glazed balloons, porcelain body, granite, floor tiles, wall tiles, mineral paints and other products sensitive to impurities.

Ceramic pellets are used in ceramic tile, petrochemical and other industries.