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Firoozeh Ceramic Balls Company was established in 2011 with registration number 45502, head office in Isfahan and factory in Nain city in order to produce various types of aluminum balls and was put into operation in 1398. Our production is the fruit of strong knowledge gained from learning science, experience and research. Turquoise ceramic pellet products are composed of up-to-date technology and quality materials.

Turquoise Ceramic Balls Company with a production line and a production capacity of 4,500 tons of bullets is one of the largest producers of pellets in the country and using the most advanced equipment and machinery, in accordance with international standards, produces and markets its products.

Turquoise ceramic pellets company, believing in creating a variety of products according to customer needs and producing quality pellets and utilizing equipment and equipped laboratory and the potential of specialized manpower, the ability to produce different types of pellets in different sizes (10-15-20 -25-30-35-40-45-50-60-70) Includes all types of 92% grade A aluminum bulbs required in the ceramic and petrochemical industry, as well as the production of liners and anti-wear bricks in various sizes.

Alumina material: Alpha 92%
Density: 3.6 and above
Water absorption and porosity: zero
color : white

Considering the existence of specialized forces and the use of the latest technology in the world in production lines, it promises to our dear customers that this company has provided a suitable field for selecting and consuming all kinds of bullets with special applications by creating a variety of products.

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Farzaneh Zamaninia Business and Sales Manager
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